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Smart Thermoscanner with Facial recognition

The facial recognition AI based thermal scanner only offers precision and reliability by measuring the temperature to the accuracy of 0.05 degree Celsius thanks to the European standard thermal sensor. Its fast and accurate face recognition system recognizes people entering the building and keeps all data onto the cloud. It has a high definition binocular facial recognition camera which fully adapts to the harsh lighting conditions. This means that you can monitor the attendance and health of your employees from anywhere in the world.



Product Features

  • Contactless Temperature Measurement
  • Quick Response
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
  • Fever Warning (Alarm with Red Signal)
  • Green Signal on Normal Temperature
  • Facial Recognition (Accuracy >95 %)
  • Attendance Marking System
  • Excel Sheet of Attendance of Every Employee
  • Web Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Data analysis
  • Check work attendance


Technical details


Now let’s take a closer look at the product and take a dive into how to use it and how to set it up.
The user first registers body temperature by placing their forehead 4 inches away from the scanner. The
cutting-edge IR sensor registers a temperature which is shown on the LED display. If the temperature is
above normal, a loud buzz alarm is activated giving warning about fever and potential risk of virus
infection. However, in case of the temperature being below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the user has to
take a step back on cue when led light blinks twice and a picture is taken by on-board camera in device.
As you can see, there is no need of a designated operator for this device as compared to IR thermal
scanner which requires people to come in proximity of the operator thereby increasing risk of virus
spread. The picture is then compared against database using advanced AI based Facial Recognition
Algorithms. All this communication between device and cloud database happens via internet and it is
ensured that privacy and data protection of the company and its employees is conserved. An entry is
granted in case of a match and the display screen reads ‘Successful’. However, it denies entry if the
temperature is normal, but the person’s data is not present in facial recognition database.







The Melexis NV IR sensor used in the device comes with IAF, IATF and ISO 14001 : 2015 certifications.
The built-in ambient temperature sensors allow calibration of device in any weather conditions within
15 minutes of setup so that the device is ready to after being mounted anywhere, anytime.


Attendance and temperature records can be easily accessed in the form of sheets by logging into
browser using administrator access. This contactless technology acts as an alternative to biometric
systems of attendance in offices and schools.


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