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Smart Temperature Scanner

Smart Thermoscanner prohibits people with high body temperature i.e. fever symptoms entering in a building. If the measured body is higher than a set threshold level, It will sound an alarm and notify on the mobile app too.



Make your home and building corona free: Install our device with the EU standard medical grade temperature sensor. This is a contactless thermometer device and measures the forehead temperature at the distance of approx. 4 inches from the device head (see the image below). It will alarm, both auditory and visual, if a person with fever symptoms enters the building.

This will provide government and private organizations a time saving, smart and cost effective solution. Device has following features:

  1. Accurate upto 0.05 C
  2. Counter for number of people passed
  3. Alarm and red light on temperature greater than 100 F
  4. Mobile app for wireless communication
  5. Fully contactless operation
  6. Multiple layer check, no chance of missing
  7. 3 months replacement warranty, 6 months free service.
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