RoboChef – RADA


RoboChef aims to automate Pakistani desi food manufacturing. With the versatility of making Jalebis in different designs and different flavours and Pakoras as well, it was warmly welcomed in Europe and the local market at the opening ceremony.



ROBOCHEF 1.0 is a fully automatic food making robot made totally of stainless steel and food grade material. On the opening ceremony held in Karachi, Pakistan, the president of Pakistan inaugurated with good wishes. With a very simple interface, it becomes very easy even for a novice to operate the machine. With the raw material of Pakoras, this machine can be setup for producing Pakoras as well.


  1. Three steps easy operation.
  2. Totally food grade, fully made of stainless steel.
  3. Automatic cleaning system after usage.
  4. Custom jalebi designs, even names and logos.
  5. Any material can be used i.e. chocolate, caramel etc.
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