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Dexter Mega

Dexter Mega is an industrial grade 3d printrer. It has a massive build volume with high speed and reliability for professionals.



Frame stability:

Frame is made up of aluminium extrusions which provides rigidity and sleek looks.

Smooth movements:

Thanks to the industrial grade MGN rails which provides smoother movements with high speeds which ensures highest quality possible with FDM printing. These are also maintenance free.

32-bit printing:

Main board contains 32-bit ARM processor which is responsible for lightening speed processing and some the advanced features like power loss recovery, auto bed leveling, sensor less homing etc

Silent and fast printing:

The new Trinamic 2208 drivers in DEXTER Mega are extremely quiet in the stealth mode. Even normal mode is the printer quieter than 99 % of the available printers in the market. We have also increased the printing speed. Now speeds of more than 150 mm/s! can be achieved.

Power loss recovery:

Did you ever lost a 20-hours print by tipping over the cord? DEXTER Mega can fully recover from the loss of power. It detects power interruption and shuts down the heatbed and extruder heating. After restoring the power, you can continue with printing.

E3d V6 nozzle:

E3D V6 is market-leading all metal hotend well known for its high-temperature performance.  It has proven well its reliability in our Multi Material upgrade and continues to deliver great performance in surprisingly small form factor.

Auto bed leveling:

Seamless auto bed leveling with very accurate inductive sensor which ensures perfect first layer.



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