Smart Temperature Scanner

Smart Thermoscanner prohibits people with high body temperature i.e. fever symptoms entering in a building. If the measured body is higher than a set threshold level, It will sound an alarm and notify on the mobile app too.Make your home and building corona free: Install our device with the EU standard medical grade temperature sensor. This is a contactless thermometer device and measures the forehead temperature at the distance of approx.


  • Robochef

    Robotic Chef For Jalebi, pakora and pancake making, The Robochef is our first product in the domain of food industry, automating major work of Jalebi manufacturing […]
  • UCH-II CCPP Balochistan

    Low current systems consisting of PABX, LAN, CCTV and Public addressing were installed in UCH-II 404MW CCPP.
  • OMV Exploration

    Worked on several projects related to Control Systems and Instrumentation, including Miano FEC Project, Kadanwari Centralization project, Miano-10 Compressor.
  • VFD In Various Plants, Project By USAID

    Variable frequency drives were installed in different food industries, this project contractor was USAID.
  • Amir Kabir Petrochemical AKPC

    Provided commissioning support on field bus-based instrumentation and control system including Yokogawa DCS, SIS and Autronica F&G system.
  • ENI

    Worked on several projects related to Wellheads which including installation and commissioning of Control panels, hydraulic panels, solar system, sour gas panel, etc

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Our Clients

Client Stories – Earned Their Trust

  • "Such device, with contactless thermometer and contactless attendance, is need of the hour. Comparing the temperature measured by device and ordinary thermometer didn’t produce any error greater than 0.5*C. Cool thing is, attendance marking system is faster than ordinary available devices."
    Shama Traders, Lahore
  • "Banks, corporate offices, schools and other public places require a device like this. Not only it will scrutinize people with fever but also automatically mark the attendance. Need of the world in and after pandemic."
    Finja, Lahore
  • "This device comes up with a mobile app too. A person with fever won’t be able to pass, because of multiple check points i.e. device beeps and mobile beeps!"
    DHA Office, Karachi
  • "Automatic sensor does not require any operator. This is helpful for the doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff for their own safety. "
    PIC, Lahore
  • "Extremely helpful for the world trying to carry out normal routines in the time of global pandemic. Cost-effective at the same time."
    NOVA Care, Karachi
  • "Powerful features like automatic attendance, which of course is through facial recognition i.e. contactless, and accurate temperature measurement are very appealing."
    ODGCL, Islamabad
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